Grid View Product Options

What does it do?

The 'Grid View' feature will change the display of your product options from the traditional select menu style, to a more open grid view, allowing your customers to see your size and colour options (for example) without needing to click on the option menu. See below for an example working in conjunction with swatch images.

Where do I find it?

This feature will be displayed on the product page, in place of the standard 'select menu' options.

Is there a charge for this feature?


No, this is a standard feature of LiquidShop.

This feature does require activation, and possibly a design tweak. Please contact Liquidshop support if you would like it enabled.

Anything to watch out for?

This is a global change, it is not set on a per product basis.

If you have a large number of options on each product, you will find that your 'Buy' button is forced further down the page:

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