Improved Handling of US Billing Addresses

What does it do?

For payments made by cards registered to addresses in the United States, SagePay requires the 'State' field to contain the state abbreviation rather than the full state name, for example 'PA' rather than 'Pennsylvania'. Currently, if a user provides the full state name, SagePay will return an error of "The BillingState value is too long".

With the introduction of this feature, when a user enters a state name of over 2 characters, we will attempt to match it to the 2 letter abbreviation that SagePay requires.

Is there a charge for this feature?


No, this is a standard feature of LiquidShop, no activation is required.

Anything to watch out for?

This feature does require the user to spell the state name correctly, for example if Louisiana is mis-spelt as Louiseiana then the state will not be matched to the abbreviation 'LA' and the user will get the SagePay error mentioned above.

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