Site-wide SSL

What does it do?

This feature allows Liquidshop to make use of an SSL Certificate throughout the frontend of the website.

An example Liquidshop with site-wide SSL can be seen here:

Depending on the type of SSL Certificate, and the browser being used, visitors to the website will be shown that the website is 'secure' with a combination of icons/colours in the address bar.

Please see the links below for additional info:

What are the benefits?

In addition to the visual benefit that an SSL certificate brings a website, Google has announced that use of an SSL certificate throughout a site may contribute towards your site ranking, as detailed in an article on its webmaster blog:

Anything to watch out for?

All inbound links will be redirected to their SSL equivalent. For example an inbound link to will be redirected automatically to with a HTTP 301 header supplied.

The various SEO related 'include' sections may be loading remote scripts via http:// - these will need to be updated to https:// or switched to a protocol independent link, e.g: //domain/com/script.js

As with any change of this nature, we cannot guarantee any impact (both positive and negative) on Google search rankings.

Please note that an SSL certificate is required to make use of this feature, more information is available here:

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