Product Meta Data with Upload

What does it do?

By using the back office database tools or automated files, you are able to upload product meta data.

What are the benefits?

This gives you the ability to make changes en masse. This product page feature extends to meta title, meta description and key words.

Anything to look out for?

When you upload the data the SEO feature management method will be set to manual. The meta data feature is for upload only, to download, you will need to use the 'Meta - Products' link from the 'Miscellaneous Database Downloads' section.

Is there a charge for this feature?

This feature is a Liquidshop 'Add-on' and requires an implementation charge of £150 + vat per website.

Please note: 

To use this feature you will also need the use of the 'Database Tools' module. Please call support for further information.

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