PayPal Notification

This is a general notification for users of Liquidshop v2 and v3.

PayPal Status Notifications

INFORMATIONAL: DigiCert Certificate Migration
Related To: SOAP & NVP APIs and Orders
Initial Notification : PayPal is working towards migrating its SSL/TLS certificates to DigiCert. Starting January 14, 2019, we'll conduct tests on the following API endpoints:

In case of a custom integration with PayPal, a merchant may encounter the following errors:
  • General errors related to SSL certificate validation, such as Unable to verify certificate
Merchants who experience these issues may need to update their certificates. See Migration to DigiCert Root Certificates for additional information.

Jan 9, 19:10 UTC

Although action from our support team has been taken mid last year to identify, and re issue affected client SSL certificates,  please be aware of any possible disruption. If you experience any problems on the above mentioned dates, then do please contact Liquidshop support.

Link to PayPal status page: