Shipping Zone Browser

Clicking on 'Shipping' opens into the first tab 'Zones'. Zones group countries, shipping methods and a zone 'Free' shipping level.

shipping zone

Looking at the image from left to right:

  • Under the heading 'Shipping Zone' - the name of the zone for back office setup.
  • Under the heading 'Countries' - the number displayed is the number of countries within that zone.
  • Under the heading 'Delivery Methods' - the number of delivery methods for that zone.
  • Under the heading 'Free Shipping Min Spend' - if set, the value that shopping cart needs to reach before free shipping will be given for that zone.
  • Under the heading 'Actions' - access to the zone setup.

To add a new zone click on the green button 'Add Shipping Zone' and add zone name and free shipping level if required.

  • Use the edit pencil under actions will allow you to change the zone name and free shipping level.
  • Use the UK map icon (next to pencil) to view countries within each zone. 
  • Use the lorry icon to view the shipping methods set for that zone.
  • A zone can be deleted using the bin icon, but do make sure no methods or countries are live.