Within the second tab 'Countries', you can manage your shipping countries.

From this page you can add and delete countries and edit their parameters. The drop down list allows you to refine by zone, you can also access this refined view by clicking on the 'UK' icon within the shipping zone browser.

Clicking on the green button 'Add Country' will allow the addition of a new country.


You will need to add:

  • A name - this will display within the country drop down selection on the sign up form.
  • Country Alpha code - this is the 2 letter code that identifies the country, mainly used by payment providers. Clicking on the question mark symbol will open a link to a list of these. Please make sure this is added otherwise payment issues will occur for this country.
  • Shipping Zone - select your zone from the drop down menu.
  • Charge VAT - select if your country incurs a VAT charge or not, this depends if you are 'Exporting or Dispatching'. [Further Information ]
  • Allow Delivery - yes / no, this enables or disables the country from the sign up form.

Within the above image looking from left to right:

  • Country name followed by assigned zone name.
  • Edit pencil - when you use the edit pencil to edit your country, the above (Add a New Country) image and detail also apply.
  • Green or Red cross - use this to enable or disable the country.
  • Pound symbol - if displayed 'Highlighted' , VAT is charged & greyed out no VAT is charged.
  • Bin icon - to delete a country. Please don't delete country 'United Kingdom', only rename if required.