Rich Content Banners; this gives you the ability to add an image and apply multiple click points in defined areas. Thus one banner can demonstrate separate offers and take the user to separate pages.

Before you start you do need to make sure that your image is of suitable size, within the parameters of your banner setup for the website. If you are unsure of this please contact Liquidshop support who will be able to assist.

To start: Add your image to 'Page Images' within the pages section of the back office. Now go to 'Banners' within the promotions section and start to create your new banner in the usual way. However, instead of loading banner-richtext.jpgan image direct from your desk top, change the banner 'Type' to 'Rich Content' via the radial button. An RTE box will now appear and your chosen image can be loaded via the 'Insert/Edit Image' function.

The image can now be selected and clicking on the 'Image Map Editor' tool will load the edit box for this function.

Your image mapping areas can now been added.

Choose the shape from the drop down menu and draw your selection within the chosen part of the image. You can then add the URL for the link and an Alt tag too, along with target selection for page loading. Repeat this step for as many click-able area's as required.

Once you have finished your selections click on the blue button - labeled 'HTML' (top left of the editor) to add the code and finish by clicking on the 'Update' button. You can now finish adding your banner detail in the usual manner.