Clicking on the tab 'Outlying Postcodes' allows you to add and amend these details.

Your Liquidshop displays a set of default postcodes from new, this is not a definitive list. A full list can be obtained from Liquidshop support.

  • Clicking on the green button 'Add Outlying Postcode' allows you to add a new postcode and surcharge value, the postcode entered only needs to be the first part (area) of the code. Note; the value must be a Net price.
  • To amend a postcode simply click on the edit pencil.
  • Once you have setup your postcodes do remember to enable their use within your 'Shipping Method'.
  • Postcodes can also be added and amended via a spread sheet, please contact support for further details.

Postcodes lists can be obtained from various websites, a couple links below.

Free - UK Postcodes List (Postcode Areas and Districts only)

UK Postcodes with Latitude and Longitude

Before uploading a postcode CSV file please check with support that you have the correct file structure.