Clicking on the tab 'Delivery Suppliers' enables you to setup your accounts for drop shipping.

Clicking on the green button 'Add Delivery Supplier' opens a form to add account details. Once an account has been added, you will then be able to select the drop shipper within your product detail.

When your products have been added the delivery supplier browser will display those items.

  • The number in the brackets next to the supplier name displays the number of products assigned to that supplier.
  • Clicking on the magnifying glass will display the assigned items.

When an order is placed for a supplier product, that supplier will recieve an email notification of that order from your website. This email contains various actions for them to complete the order.

1. First email - notification of item(s) purchased from the website, supplier now actions a link to obatin customer details.

2. Second email - customer address details for purchased items(s), when ready to dispatch the supplier now actions a link, this updates the item(s) to 'completed' status within Liquidshop. This also sends out the Liquidshop system 'Item Dispatched' email.

Liquidshop can also supply an alternative setup to the above email system, where an order file can posted to the website FTP for the supplier to collect. Please contact support for further information.