Most valued customer (MVC) - Customer Highlights

Highlights your most valued customers (the ones who place the most orders) within both the orders and customers areas of your backoffice. You can then easily get to these customers' order totals for the day, week, month, year and overall. These values can also be included within your customers CSV download.

On each of the order sections (open/processing/awaiting despatch/completed), the customers page, within an individual order and within the customers CSV download.

Clicking on the trophy icon will display the Customer Highlights section which shows their order totals during the different time periods.

A Trophy icon is displayed next to the qualifying customers. By default customers qualify, for MVC status, by placing two orders overall. This criteria and the timings can be changed by support to; the time periods are today, this week, this month, this year and all time.
You will also need to notify support, should you wish to update the thresholds values that determine who qualifies for MVC status.