First things first, do you already have a user account? 

If you have communicate with the Liquidshop Support Department by email, you will have received and email from Freshdesk already. If you clicked on the link in and completed your registration, you already have a user account. 

If you haven’t emailed support or you just don’t create a Freshdesk account, you’ll have to create one - click here then click on “Sign Up” and follow the instructions.

Click here to "Login" or "Sign up" for an account.

To add a new feature request, make sure that you are in the forum - click on “Feature Requests” on the right hand side of the Freshdesk page - once you’re in the forum, click on “Start a new topic” in the top right hand corner of the page.

On the new topic screen, you will have two pieces of information to enter in order to add a feature request. 

Add your title to “Topic title” - as you type a title, Freshdesk will search through all existing topics and suggest any that look similar to the topic that you are typing. If you think that the topic, which you are about to create, already exists, click onto the existing topic name and have a read. Here you can add your own notes to the topic. However, if your topic does not exist, complete the title - make it descriptive - once you have added the title, click into the “Message” box and add the description for your feature request. 

Finally, having verified that you are human with “Captcha”, press “Save”. 

You’re done.

Repeat as necessary.