Product descriptions are your chance to sell your product to potential customers, they need to be as user-friendly and clear as possible whilst also being as informative and comprehensive. Below is an overview and some guidelines on creating effective product descriptions. For information on metadata & Liquidshop please read our help topic [Search Engine Optimisation Tools


Clear and precise description of the item, brand name should also be included, optimum length for search engine use is 70 characters. When metadata is 'Automatic' this field is the 'Page Title Tag'. Short Description This fields role is to carry a 125 character key worded sentence of your product. This should be wrote as a  sentence and not a string of key words. When metadata is 'Automatic' this field is the 'Page Description Tag'.

Bullet Points

It is widely considered that bullet points are far easier for a customer to read and take in than a lengthy paragraph description. Bullet points allow you to pick out the key features of a product such as its size, the contents, ideal conditions for use etc.

Why not make use of the multiple product descriptions that are available within LiquidShop and use the first description for your bullet points and then the second description for the more in-depth paragraph based description.

General guidelines for informative bullet points.

  • Avoid promotional and pricing information.
  • Reiterate the key details from the main product description.
  • Keep to facts/figures specific to the product.
  • Point out the aspects that you would want to know, such as the dimensions, recommended age use, assembly required etc. 

Detailed Description

Although bullet points are used to get the key product details across to potential customers, the core description is your opportunity to really sell the product and explain its functions in as much detail as possible. The benefit of putting the main description after the bullet points is that the customer is far more likely to read the full description if they like what they have read in the bullet points.

Alongside the product price, the shipping cost and the product image(s), a comprehensive description is essential to generating interest in your product, especially in the more competitive markets.

Technical Specification

A products technical details apply more to electronic goods, but can be relevant to all product types. In this section we recommend including all the additional details that you would not usually include in the main description. This may include the shipping weight, the year of manufacture and perhaps the model number.

The main benefit behind including these details is that potential customer won't have to leave your site to look for this information elsewhere. These details could be bullet points, or perhaps in a table.