Whether you’re recording customer information internally or providing your own contact details when buying online, form-filling is a time consuming task that’s open to mistakes.

A simple mistyped postcode in an e-commerce form can set off a chain of events leading to a missed delivery. The customer is oblivious to the mistake, yet it’s you that has to bear the cost of redelivering the goods and the wrath of the customer for providing poor service. The irony is that you can guarantee that they won’t be returning to your site, all because of an error that they’ve made.

The main benefit of postcode anywhere is that it ensures that the correct address is entered by your customer, the process from their point of view couldn't be simpler, all that is required is for the customer to enter their postcode, and then to select the correct address from a dropdown list of postal addresses within that postcode region.

Once you have purchased your credits for postcode anywhere, you can decide if you would like to make use of a daily/weekly limit from within your account, if you reach that limit, or if you run out of credits, then your signup form will simply revert back to its default setting, allowing your customers to type in their addresses manually.

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