What does it do ?

From within the product browser you have the ability to filter your products by 'Date Added' and 'Last Updated' dates. This will allow you to quickly find and filter products that are perhaps new to the website and require additional content to be added.

This tool has also been extended across to the Database Tools, making it now possible to download products against date ranges with the same filtering options of 'Date Added' and 'Last Updated'

Across the top of the product browser page, above the A-Z menu, you see an additional line allowing you to select filter options. Simply choose to filter by date ranged, choose either 'Date Added' or 'Last Updated' and then choose a date range from the select options and click on search. This will return products that match this criteria.

The same method can be found within "Filters' on the 'Database Tools' page with the ability to download this filtered result.