Below are the order fields that can be manually exported, please note that orders cannot be created via an import.

Order Details
Order Total * Order Date Total Less VAT Total Less VAT
Order VAT
Order Shipping Item Code Reship Code
Last Updated Dispatched By Tracking ID Status
Vendor TX Code Voucher Code Purchase Reference Order Type
Order Weight

* When downloading the order totals, they will be added to each order line by default, though you can opt to only display on the first product line. This helps spreadsheet sorting.

Product Details
Product Code Product Brand Product Option Code
Option Weight
Options Option Qty Item Price
Item Weight Item Total Weight

Customer Details
Full Name Forename Surname Email Address
Cust Tel 1 Cust Tel 2 Cust Tel 3 Delivery Name
Delivery Address Company Del Address Line 1 Del Address Line 2 Delivery Town
Delivery County Delivery Postcode Delivery County Billing Address Company
 Billing Address Line 1 Billing Address Line 2  Billing Town  Billing County 
 Billing Postcode Billing County  Delivery Notes  Customer Signup Code 
 Group Name Account Customer  Guest Customer   


You can manipulate your results with the following filter options:

Filter by Status: Incomplete, Open, Processing, Cancelled, Dispatched, Refunded and Reshiped.

Filter by Date: You can specify the from and to date (day, month, & year) for orders downloaded.

Filter by Order Number Range: You can enter your order number range, eg from order number '1000' to order number '1250'.