Variants can be used to display similar products that are variations of what the customer is searching for. For example, if a customer was to search for a drinking glass, then they may want to see variations of what they are searching for. In this case, the variants would be similar style glasses. These differ from related products, as these would be products to accompany the glass. For example, straws and coasters may be related products.

 To do this, you should go to your product browser page in the back office and click the tab 'Variants', as shown below.

To add a group you need to type the group name in the green box and click 'Add variant group'.

Once you have added your variant group, you then need to click on the magnifying glass under 'Actions'. This will display the page below, where you can select the product category and add the products by clicking the green arrows as highlighted.


An example of variants is shown below.

Note. The 'Variant' group name will not be displayed on the front end of the website. It is also possible to add variants via the use of database tools.