Whilst adding a banner to your website, you have the option to add it to a folder. Folders can be used to categorise your banners, saving time when looking for a specific banner. For example, You can have a folder of banners that advertise a certain brand, or a folder of banners that sends the customer to a summer sale. 

Firstly you must make a new banner and to do this you must go to the promotions tab and select the 'Banners' tab at the top. In the corner, you will see the 'Add Banner' tab as shown below.

You can then add a new banner and all of its content. As shown below you will see an option to choose a folder for your banner to be stored in, or you can create a whole new folder depending on the topic of the banner. You can simply do this by checking the 'New Folder' and typing the folder name within the box to the left. Once you have set up the banner and saved it, you will be able to view the banner in the folder.