In the 'Orders' section of the back office, you have the ability to reship an order. This can be used for replacing damaged items and other refund purposes or even items lost in the post. This is easily done by going to your completed orders and selecting the edit pencil under the 'Actions' column as highlighted.

You will then be able to edit the order and it's contents. Firstly be sure to select which product(s) you would like to reship. You can see below the drop down menu for the order status options, and at the bottom you will need to select the 'Reship Item' option and you may also tick the box on the right to notify the customer. Once this has been selected, you will then need to click the update button. This will then be saved and marked as reshipped.

Once you have updated the order status, a green arrow will appear to show that the product will be reshipped. This will create a new order in 'Open Orders' with the order value at 0.00 which will need to be processed again in the normal manner. The original order and the newly created order, will also contain a link to aid any future reference.

The order number retains the reship icon throughout the processing steps. As displayed below.