Special Offers can be set up for discounting a single item, multiple items or as a BOGO offer. These can be done as a monetary discount, a percentage discount or as a fixed price discount. These can all be useful for offers like seasonal sales or to quick sell end of line products. For example, a percentage offer could be 15% off of a products price, a monetary discount Could be £15 off of a products price and a fixed price discount would display as 'Was £25, Now £15'

To set up a 'Special Offer', simply go to the back office of your website and select the 'Promotions' tab from the sidebar. You will then need to select the 'Special Offers' from the top tab bar. In the far right hand side is the 'Add Special Offer' button as highlighted below.

You will now be able to add a new offer filling out the following fields: 

1. Offer Label, you will need to add a title for the offer. This WILL be visible on the front end of the website, so all your customers will see this. 

2. Offer reference, you to add another title for your own reference (useful if your main offer label is the same for multiple offers). This IS NOT visible on the front end of the website. 

3. Discount, you will need to input the type of discount the special offer will be. Use the drop down menu to choose either Percentage, Monetary or Fixed Reduction and enter your numerical value (no characters like £). 

4. Duration, you can choose how long the offer will last by selecting dates or alternatively, you may leave the dates blank which will make the offer run indefinitely. 

5. Product detail, you will now choose which products this offer applies to. The first method would be if you want apply the offer to one product, then select the 'One Product' option to which you can type in the product name as shown below.

The second method would be BOGO Offer. For example a BOGO Offer will allow the customer to buy one product full price then get a second for half price. To do this, simply select the 'BOGO Offer' option which will give you two fields to fill in. The first field will be for the main product that would be full price and the second field will be for the discounted product. You also get the option to show the product on either the main product page or both product pages as shown below.

The third option is to select multiple products which allows you to choose a whole category to apply the offer to. A drop down menu will appear for you to search by your categories or by brand. Once you have filtered your products simply tick the products of your choice. You can then save the special offer by clicking 'Add Special Offer' as highlighted below.

Once the offer has been added it will appear in the navigation page. You can go back and edit the offer by selecting the edit pencil or you can view the products that apply to the offer by selecting the magnifying glass as shown below.