This article is to show you how to navigate 'Orders'.

Firstly by selecting orders, you will be shown a header of options as shown below.

The following image shows the header tabs and have been labeled 1-7, with their descriptions below. Through out the order process there are several features. These include printing invoices, update each order status and edit each order. 

  1. Open Orders - Here you can view orders that have been placed by a customer, ready to be processed. 
  2. Processing - When you move an order from Open Orders, the next stage is processing. 
  3. Awaiting Dispatch - All orders that are awaiting dispatch will be shown here.
  4. Completed Orders - This will show all your orders that have been successfully shipped and complete. 
  5. Incomplete Orders - Here you can view orders that are incomplete. These are orders where payment was never received or where there was a communication error between Liquidshop and the payment system.
  6. Collect In Store - Orders here have not been paid for and the customer has only reserved them. You can view these orders and have them ready for the customer when they come into store.
  7. Manual orders - Here you can go through the order process for a customer. The customer will have to be registered before going through this process. This will create an order in Open Orders.