Open Orders are customers orders that have been placed and waiting to be processed. There are many different options and controls with in 'Open Orders' and this will give you the ability to edit orders, filter orders by product, print invoices and much more. You will find 'Open Orders' in the 'Orders' section of the side bar as shown below.

The first settings and options you come to are shown below. 

  1. These drop down menus give you the ability to filter your orders by product, product code, payment method or delivery method. You can use these filters to find a specific product or a group of products.
  2. The print by buttons give you the option to print your open orders for picking in one list:
    Printing grouped by order will give you a list of your orders and the products they contain.
    Printing grouped by product will give you a list of all the products in your open orders and quantity that need picking.

    Printing grouped by delivery will give you a list of orders by delivery method.

  3. By clicking either 'Newest First' or 'Oldest First', will allow you to sort your orders by newest or oldest.

Below displays an example of the open orders section. Looking from left to right of this image:

Product Name, are the products and quantities that have been ordered along with their respective item code. Sitting to the left of these is the order status icon. These will tell you what the status of each item in each order during the order process.

Order, is the order number, this unique for each order and by clicking this you will be taken into the order edit page.

Customer, clicking on the customer name lets you go into the customers details. To the left of the name is a customer icon, if this is highlighted then that customer is registered, greyed out, means they checkout as guest. If a trophy icon appear to the right of the customer name, then they are a repeat purchaser. The icon can be clicked on to display customer order history.

Delivery, the chosen delivery method at time of order.

Purchased On, the date and time the order was placed.

Value, the total order value with a icon for payment method. Payment methods are; Credit Card, Paypal (not shown), Account, Manual and BACS.

Actions; the edit pencil which gives you the option of editing the order. To the right of this is the 'Notes' icon, if highlighted and by clicking on, displays any notes that have been added to the order. The final icon shows a delivery truck. If this is highlighted then it will give you the option to view any delivery notes left by the customer.

Actions from the bottom of the screen:

By ticking the boxes to the left of the order status icons, you will be able to move each order or item to another section of the order process, by selected the options in the drop down menu, at the bottom. You have the choice of notifying the customer (via the system emails) by checking the box to the right of the status selection. Alternatively to processing the orders you can mass print the order invoices.

Similar order processing actions and printing are available within the process tabs 'Processing' and 'Awaiting Despatch'.