Update Method

Nearly all of your imports loads will be classified as an update, including new data. This is used to add to the data already assigned to a product, for example, if you import categories as an update, the product(s) will then be assigned to the categories in the spreadsheet in addition to any it was assigned to before the import.

If the field you are updating can contain only one value (text field, select dox or dropdown menu) then the field will be overwritten, for example when uploading Product Name, the field will be overwtiten with the new data.

Replace Method

The replace option will be used mainly for selecting a new set of categories or images for a product. Uploading to these fields as a replace will remove any categories/images assigned to the product in place of those defined in the spreadsheet.

When updating other fields that can only hold one value, such as the product name, description or price, this option will function in exactly the same way as the update option.