Products creation can be achieved in bulk via an automated import or manually in either CSV or XML format. You can have multiple automated files configured at the same time providing that they are named uniquely. An example of when this might be useful could be if you are receiving feeds from individual suppliers.

With automation, the file to be imported to your LiquidShop must be placed in your FTP area, it can be placed where you land in the area, no additional folders are required, this is known as the 'root' folder.

Once the file has been processed, you can opt to receive an email notification which can have a results file attached, as with standard imports, the method can be either update or replace. 

Whether you are creating a new product via an automated upload or manually from the backoffice, you need to include a minimum amount of data.

Required Fields For New Products

Field Maps to Description
Product Code Unique Identifier The unique identifier for the system (when working with codes prefixed with a zero, format to number within Excel) With product option the main code must be added to all lines.
Product Price Product Price The product price, gross value unless you have requested your site to function primarily in net.
Product Name Product Name This is the product title as  it appears on the website.
Categories Product Category Use one column per category level, all columns mapped to Product Category.