The customer download function does not include any filtering options, it will export all customers that have signed up on your site. Please note that due to the complexity of the customer database, it is not possible to import customer data.

Exported Fields

Field Name
First Name
Surname Email Address
Sign up Date
Customer Discount
Customer Group
Group Discount
Company Name
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Town County
Postcode County Customer Notes

If you make use of 'Guest Checkout' the customers account status (guest or registered) will be included in the export.

Newsletter Signups (3rd Party)

If you are making use of the 3rd party newsletter signup feature, you can also download a list of the customers that have opted to be included in your email campaigns. This list will be downloaded in CSV format and can be manipulated in Excel or a similar spreadsheet editing program.

You can then import the data into your chosen 3rd party newsletter package.

If you are using our dedicated newsletter module (LiquidTracker) then any new signups will automatically be added to your contact list for you.