Each order can either be output into an FTP folder (in the 'out' folder), emailed in plain text, or emailed as an attachment. The file can be named to your requirements as long as it includes the order number.

Note; not all fields need to be exported, file structure can contain your desired fields and column header names can be your system names. To have an order output file created please contact support.

Exportable Fields

Order Details
Order Number
Order Total Price Order Date Order Price less Tax
Order Tax Order Shipping Price Order Total Weight
Order PSP Vendor TX Code
Order Purchase Reference
Order Payment Type
Order Number of Different Items
Order Line item Reference
Order Line Number
Order Shipping Method
Order Voucher Code
Order Voucher Amount
Order Voucher Type Order Voucher Discount Order Affiliate ID Order Customer Discount Percent
Order Managers Discount Amount

* When downloading your order totals, they will be added to each order line by default, though you can opt to only display on the first product line. This helps spreadsheet sorting.

Product Details
Product Code Item/Core
Product Brand
Product Name
Product Qty
Product Tax Rate
Option Name Option 1-10
Item Individual Weight
Item Total Weight
Item Price
Item Cost Price
Item Total Price
Item MPN Item EAN Item ISBN Item UPC

Customer Details
Customer Liquidshop ID
Customer Delivery Full Name Customer Full Name Customer Title
Customer Forname
Customer Surname
Customer Email
Customer Tel1
Customer Tel2
Customer Tel3
Customer Notes
Customer Signup Code
Liquidshop Delivery ID
Customer Group Name
Customer Discount
Customer Account
Customer VAT Exempt
Customer Signup Date Delivery Address LiquidShop ID
Delivery Address Company
Delivery Address Line 1 Delivery Address Line 2
Delivery Town Delivery County
Delivery Postcode Delivery Country Delivery Country ISO Delivery Instructions
Delivery Estimate Date (plain text) Delivery Tracking Reference Billing Address LiquidShop ID Billing Address Company
Billing Address Line 1 Billing Address Line 2 Billing Town Billing County
Billing Postcode Billing Country Billing Country ISO