Canonicalisation Tool

Liquidshop by default uses canonicalisation and to find out what this means, we have provided some reference links below. Some older Liquidshop sites may require this feature to be enabled so if you are in doubt, please contact us and we will be happy to advise. 

Canonical tags

Canonical tags essentially tell a search engine the preferred URL address for a page that can be identical (or very similar) with numerous different URL's. This prevents duplicate content warnings amongst other things. You can find more information from Google here.

Link rel="next" and link rel="previous"

Link rel="next" and link rel="previous" are used to indicate the relationship between multiple pages within a paginated result set - essentially it helps google move through paginated result sets by telling it that another page exists beyond or previous (Or both) to the current page that you're on. You can find more information on this from google here.