Within the back office, you can download a database of your orders. This can be all of your orders or just a select few. You can access this by going to 'Database Tools' and then 'Database Export' as show below.


Halfway down the page you will find the 'Download Orders Database' section. Please not that this file will be downloaded in CSV format. You will then need to mark the fields you require with in the order database. These are 'Order Details', 'Product Details' and 'Customer Details' and these are selected by marking the check boxes with a tick mark. 

Once you have chosen the fields you wish to be included in the CSV file you can then choose any filters you wish to apply to the file. This could be any products from certain suppliers, items with a particular status in the order process, orders within a particular date range, orders within a certain order number range or all of your orders with no filters as shown below.

Once you have chosen the content for your CSV, simply click 'Download Orders Database' to finish.