What are Custom Labels?

In a Google shopping campaign, you subdivide your products based on existing data from the category, brand, item ID, condition, product type and custom label attributes. You can use custom labels if you want to subdivide the products in your campaign using values of your choice.


You can create up to five custom labels, numbered 0 to 4, for each item in your feed. You may submit one value per item for each custom label attribute. You should assign a specific definition for each of the five custom labels and specify the possible values for each. You can then use these custom labels consistently across the products in your Merchant Centre account, assigning appropriate values to each product according to your definition. Each of the five custom labels can only have one value per product.


What might a Custom Label be used for?

You can use custom labels to indicate that products are seasonal, on clearance, bestsellers, etc. These values can then be selected to use for monitoring, reporting and bidding in your Shopping campaign.


Custom label - Your definition - Your choice of possible values

Custom label 0 - Season - Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

Custom label 1 - SellingRate - BestSeller, LowSeller

Custom label 2 - Clearance - Clearance

Custom label 3 - Margin - LowMargin, HighMargin

Custom label 4 - ReleaseYear - 1900 to 2100

Anything to watch out for?

As custom labels are meant to allow the grouping of items, only 1,000 unique values are supported for each custom label attribute across the items in your account. Products with a custom label submitted after the limit was exceeded won’t be included in product groups using this custom label. To correct the issue, update your product data to reduce the number of unique values for the custom label to less than 1,000.

How is this managed within Liquidshop?
On a per product basis, you'll be able to specify a value for each of the 5 Custom Labels, as shown below:

Where can I find out more?
Here is a link to the Google Products Feed Specification: https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/188494?hl=en-GB further details on the Custom Labels can be found towards the bottom of the article.

If you would like this feature enabled please contact support.

This feature is a Liquidshop 'Add-on' and requires an implementation charge per website.