When viewing products in a catalogue page (Brand, Category and Search Results), as the mouse pointer hovers over a product’s primary image, its secondary image will be displayed. When the mouse pointer moves away, the product will revert to the main image. This feature is often used to display the back of an item or to show a striking piece of detail.

Where do I find it?

This feature must be requested from the Support Department.

Once activated, the feature will be available within a product’s page in the back-office. Scroll to the images area and as you will see that there is an option to set the primary and now, the secondary image.

How does it work?

If your products have more than one image associated with them, they will have a primary image - this is the image which is displayed when products are viewed on any Catalogue pages (Brand, Category and Search Results) - the new feature allows you to set a secondary image which will be displayed when a mouse pointer is hovered over the primary image, on any of the above pages.

See a working example here

Things to watch out for:

The secondary image has to be set on a product by product basis and can not be uploaded, via a data list, at this stage.