It is possible to filter by product option, allowing your customers to limit the search results by size for example. You can also choose which Option Sets appear in the filtering, giving you far greater control over the filtering on your LiquidShop.

Customers are able to filter their search results by Option Sets, this is a very powerful feature for any LiquidShops that offer products in a variety of sizes. If you sell any clothing, for example, your customers can now opt to only view the products that are available in size 'Medium', this will also take into account stock levels. (depending on website setup)

How to pick which Options Sets to include in the Filtering

Within the LiquidShop control panel, if you navigate to Products > Option Sets, you will now see that there is a new green icon against each option set. When the green icon is highlighted it indicates that the Option set is enabled to appear within the filtering. To disable, simply click on this and the icon grays out to reflect the change.