Ordering and Filtering

It is now possible to manually choose the ordering that several elements appear in on your website, this tutorial provides a walkthrough on each of these sections.The 'Ordering' panel is found within Settings > Ordering in your LiquidShop control panel.

Tabbed Navigation

This section allows you to determine the order your categories, pages, brands and collections appear in the main navigation bar for the site. Use the green sorting arrow to 'drag and drop' the items on to the correct order.


Homepage Products and Categories

You are also able to determine the order that products and categories appear in if you have marked them as'Homepage Products/Categories' using the green sorting arrow.


Search Result Filtering

This section now allows you to choose which elements make up your result filtering and also determine the order that they appear in, use the green sorting arrow and the green 'enabled' tick provide to toggle between the two options.