You can set a product to the status of discontinued. This can be useful if you wish to keep a product live on your website for organic search engine results or other links, when the item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. 

With a product set as discontinued, customers can only view the product if they have a direct URL for it. The product is not viewable by searching or display via category or brands. If the customer does land on the page, there will be no option to buy the product but you can display related products and variants, which may be a newer model of said product. There will also be a banner to say that the product has been discontinued as shown below.

This feature does require activation from the support department. Once this has been activated, a new icon will appear within the product browser in the back office. If you want to discontinue a product, you simply select the 'Discontinue' button, which now displays next to the disable icon as shown below.


A discontinued product status is at parent level, all options are therefore no longer available. 

Discontinued products are also omitted from feeds.