Liquidshop v2 configuration change required:

Collect in store will be re labeled Finance Option. 

New separate text configs have been added for page text amendments.

Product; collect in store is held at 'Parent' level therefore all child items will be the same status as set.

0 = purchase only

1 = purchase & finance

2 = finance only

Deposit, this can be a % amount of the basket value. i.e. 10%

Payment terms; these will be variable bands dependent of the basket value, band value settings are fixed.

Bands £280-499= 6 months only

Bands £500-999= 6 & 12 months

Bands £1000-1999= 6 & 12 & 24 months

Bands £2000+= 6 & 12 & 24 36 months

Customer information & payment details posted to v12 for completion of the application and deposit.

No return call back will made therefore all finance orders will be referred to as 'Pending'.