You can use the 'Collect In Store' feature on your website if you choose to provide this service. This can be applied to all of your products or even just a select few but it will firstly have to be enabled by the Liquidshop Support Dept.

Once this has been enabled, you will notice the 'Collect In Store' option within the product details as shown below.

The options will make the product do the following - 

No - This product will not be available for collection in store. This will appear as normal on the front end of the site. 

Yes - This product is available to for both online delivery and collect in store. When following the payment process you will be given an option for either online delivery or collect in store. If you have multiple stores, customers can choose where to collect their order from. You can set this up by going to Settings > Stores > Add Stores. These will then appear in a drop down menu as shown below. 

Only in Store - This means that the product can only be collected from store and has no option for delivery. As you proceed through the payment process, there will be no option to add a delivery address. You will notice the following message. 

The payment for a collect in store item will be paid for in store and not online. This also applies to only in store and both online and in store products. To view an order that is being collected from store go to Orders > Collect. 

Within the tab you can view the collect order, edit for more detail, print and marked as completed. Although some order functionality is similar to a normal order a 'Collect in Store' order will remain within this tab. A date and status filter can be used to sort your list.

Collect in Store orders have separate notification emails, these can be found under Settings > Emails.

Products can be updated and managed via a database upload. You can find these details by downloading a product database with the collect in store field. When you have this, you will need to add either a 0, 1 or 2 with 0 = no, 1 = yes and 2 = only in store. When you upload this file, you will need to field it under collect in store as shown below.