Pages within Liquidshop have a number of uses including home page, about page and contact us page to name a few. These pages also play an important role on your site as these will provide vital information to your customers. 

To create a page, you will need to go to the back office and select the 'Pages' button. Once you have selected this you will be shown a list of all your created and preset Liquidshop pages. You will then need to click on the 'Add Page' button as highlighted below.

When you have selected this, the following page will appear. This is where you can input the content of your page, using the following information as a guide.

  1. Page Name - The page name will be visible in both the back and front end of the site. This will be the title the customers see.
  2. Sub-Page Of - You have the option of whether you want this page to be a top level page or a sub level page of another page. The drop down menu will show the list off all of your pages.

  3. Page Type* - As described on screen, you can set your page to be a customer services page to appear during checkout, an information page to appear in the side navigation to assist a customer, have your page set up as both or not to appear in any navigation. 

  4. Attach a Form to Page - You can choose to add a form to your page if you use such things as quotations. Page forms will not display if you preview your page in the back office.

  5. Page Content - This box will include the message and information you are trying to give your customer. Standard text editing tools are available along with tables to control layout.

Once you have completed your page, simply save your work by clicking 'Add Page'. You will then be taken back to the page browser where you will need to enable your page.

* Page Type - A sub page will carry the same page type as the parent page. Selecting None, the page will still be visible to search engines.

Note - Under 'Show/Hide SEO Settings', the page meta data can be edited. Meta data is not added by default.