Once you have populated your website with some products and are ready to start the 'go-live' process please consult this checklist to ensure that all key points have been addressed. If you would like any further information on these points, please contact us.

Payment Details (SagePay)

If you have not already done so, you will need to sign-up for a SagePay account. Once you have applied for your account, you will need to activate your account and complete your dummy transactions to familiarise yourself with the SagePay interface and complete the account activation.

If you already have a SagePay account, please provide us with your Vendor Name and both Live / Test Encryption Password. If you do not have a note of these details, please contact Sagepay Support.

For payment tutorials [click here]

Payment Details (Paypal)

If you have not already done so, you will need to sign-up for a Paypal account, alternatively please provide us with your login details and we will retrieve the API username, password and signature for you.

For payment tutorials [click here]

Provide us with your Contact Details

We require these details if you would like them displayed on your website.

  •     Company number
  •     VAT number
  •     Full postal address
  •     Contact/Sales phone number
  •     Email address for system notifications

These details are for our internal use.

  • Email address of best point of contact regarding your website (website admin).
  • Phone number of best point of contact regarding your website (website admin).

Website build sign off forms

When you are ready to put your website live, we will need to have the completed sign off forms signed and returned to us. Please note we require 48 hours notice prior to go-live and due to testing and monitoring we do not put websites live on Friday's or bank holidays.

The forms are available for download here: [click here]

Domain & Emails


If you require we can manage the hosting of this for you. If you would like to transfer your domain into our control, please change the IPS tag of the domain to ‘123-reg', if the domain is already held in a 123-reg account, please begin an ‘inter-account transfer' to 123-reg, contact us for the username.

Alternatively the domain can remain in your control, if so please contact us so that we can provide you with the IP address for the 'www' & '@' A records. Please contact support for more information.


If you require we can manage the mail accounts for you, which is also part of the domain management service. we will provide you with up to 5 POP email accounts (additional accounts can be purchased). Please contact support for more information.

SSL Certificate

If an SSL certificate is required please ensure you have completed the application process.

301 Redirects

If you have an existing website it is important to update search engine results with the new page URL's. This will help maintain your page rankings. Depending on how your existing site has been constructed these could be dynamic or static. Dynamic URL's will require code to be written, static can easily be written within a spread sheet. If you use an SEO company for your website please ask them for further information or contact our support team.

Information Pages

You will need to complete your customer services/help pages, these include the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Delivery and Returns and Contact Us pages.

We strongly recommend completing these pages prior to going live, though you can go live and complete these pages at a later date. LiquidShop will include some template pages that can be used, though we do recommend making use of your own details.

If you are unsure on what should be included within these pages, please see these links for further information. [click here]

Delivery Setup

Within the Liquidshop backoffice, you will need to define your delivery charges and set up, this includes any free postage promotions, postcode surcharges and delivery restrictions. If you would like any assistance with this process, please contact the LiquidShop Support Department. Tutorials can be found on this site. [click here]

Live & Test Transaction

The final step we recommend taking is to perform a live transaction on your website, this will give you an idea of the process that your customers will be taking when they place orders and also confirms that the SagePay account setup is complete. For payment tutorials [click here]

Default Metadata

Before going live you may not have time to complete all your metadata, but wish ensure that blank titles and descriptions are not displayed for a search engine result. For this purpose Liquidshop has a default meta data area, for further information see our further help topics for SEO.