Liquidshop v2 has many settings known as configurations. These configuration settings range from layout control to payment ID keys, but quite a few enable extension to the system functionality.

Orders Per Page:

The number of orders displayed on each orders page (processing tab) in the back office can be extended from the default value of 20. The default can be amended to, 40, 60, 80, 100 or 200 per page. Note, global across all tabs.

Customers Per Page:

The number of customers to display per page in the back office, within the customers browser. The default value is 20 customers per page, but this can extended to, 40, 60, 80, 100 or 200 per page. 


Related/Variants Products Linkage:

When setting up related and product variants you choose your selection via categories, this can be changed to, brands or styles (may be referred to ranges on your website). 

Show Customer Email:

This configuration will allow the display of the customer email on the packing slip of their order.

Show Product Unit Price:

When a customer has ordered multiple quantities of an item, the individual unit price of the products they have ordered will be displayed, as shown below. This displays within the invoice and edit order page.

Display Product & SEO Codes:

This allows the product sku and MPN codes to be displayed on the front end of the website within your product pages. Each SEO field can be individually called in and a text label is available for a more friendly appearance. As the example below displays with the use of an MPN field. Note; the page source code for any relabelled fields remains as the back office product source, as in this example this would be: prodMPN

Search SEO Codes:

This setting allows the website search (not auto complete) to search the product SEO codes MPN, EAN, ISBN and UPC.

Show Social Sharing Links On Completed:

Once a customer has placed an order, this setting displays social sharing links for Facebook and Twitter on the confirmation page, giving your customers the chance to share their purchase on their social media profile.

Click here for more info on this feature.

Download Product Descriptions With HTML:

When downloading product descriptions via a CSV file, you can retain the HTML format of your text. 

Use Repeated Email Address Validation:

When a customer is signing up on the website, this setting requests the customer enters their email address twice. This can improve customer information accuracy during sign up. 

Please be aware that your website may need an amendment from our design team to accommodate any front end changes. If you would like any of these settings to be turned on or adjusted and for further information please contact the support team.