This tutorial will explain the advantages of the SEO Toolkit extension, specifically the “Rich Data” section of the extension, if you are unsure if this is available to you, please contact Liquidshop support for further information.

Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is something you hear a lot of SEO people talk about, it is more than likely the first place a new potential user / customer will see any information about your site and one of the key elements of that is what is know as your “Knowledge Panel” (You will need a Google My Business account to get the most out of this which is available for free at :

Using the “SEO Rich Data” section of the “SEO Toolkit” this gives you the ability to get the most important and supporting information about your site on the page, the main parts are :

  • The way and where your site’s name can appear
  • Your site’s logo
  • Social Profiles
  • The postal address of your business / shop
  • Using Google’s own tool to ensure you are using the information correctly.

It is important to users that this is fully populated, for example below are screenshots of the Argos & Morrions Knowledge Panels, you will notice that they don’t have any social media profiles linked and also that the logo for Argos is black and white which isn’t what you would associate with the Argos brand.

Usually when a user has an issue or wants some customer service they may use the number provided but given people’s usage of social media and their reluctance to contact a call centre for fear of getting an automated service. Both companies do have a Twitter account for this but to find it you would have to search further and this isn’t making life easy for the customer.

In contrast when all the information is put together correctly you end up with a result like this :

Ikea and Tesco both have separate contact numbers for different departments, making it easier if you are going to attempt to contact them via phone, along with the logo you would identify the brand by and lots of social media that you are able to contact and interact with.

For a detailed guide on how to configure this extension you can visit the link below which has lots of information regarding the setup and usage of the extension:

If you do not have access to the configuration settings for this tool, please contact Liquidshop support for further assistance.

Some things to be aware of are there are parts of the Knowledge Panel that you can’t affect or control, some searches have a Popular times, Wait times and Visit duration section, this is controlled by Google users who have opted in to Google Location History and you will see this once enough users visit your business. Also a part you can’t affect is the summary as this is generated by Google, which is separate to the Wikipedia snippet and not to be confused with the description that is user defined but has a character limit. Another part that is generated by Google is the “People Also Search For” section.

Once all these changes have been made it will take time for it to display in Google and it will take time for the new information to be crawled, usually after around a week you should see the updated information.