What are Product Options?
If your products are available in various colours or sizes, you 
may want to use Product Options to allow your customers large_551.jpgo make their selection. This article will take you through the process of creating product options and assigning them to your product(s).

How do I create Product Options in the Backoffice?
Below are the steps you will need to go through to create Product Options using the tools in the Backoffice...

1) Creating your Option Set and Product Options
The first thing you will need to do when creating Product Options is to create the Option Set, to do this you will need to go to the backoffice and visit the Products Section, then click the second tab along titled 'Product Options'.

Using the link in the top right of the page 'Add Option Set', type in the name of your Option Set, this is displayed on the front end of the site as the title for the dropdown list, so for the example above (Collar Size), the customer will see on the front end of the site: Select you Collar Size.

Once you have added your Option Set, use the 'View Options' link by clicking the Magnifying Glass, this will display a list of all of the options assigned to that Option Set.
Use the 'Add New Option Value' link to add a new option to the set, these will be the options
within the dropdown menu for the customer to select from.
2) Assigning the Options to a Product
Now that we have created the Option Set and Options, we now need to assign the Option Set to a Product. To do this, locate the product using the Find Product search facility, once you have found the product use the Product Option Action Icon. This is the third icon from the right, if you hover over the icon you should see the tag 'Set Product Options'.

3) Configure the Product Options

Once you have clicked on the icon, you will be taken to a new window, from here you can select the option set you have created from the drop down menu, tick the boxes to auto generate options and to continue to option editing, you can also set all of the options for this product to be in stock at this point.
At this point you will be able to choose if you are using one or two Option Sets on this product, if you select two then two drop down menus will appear on the product on the front end of the site.

Now that the Options have been assigned to the product and as we checked the 'continue to Option Editing' box, we are taken to the screen pictured above where we can modify the price, weight, stock level and image as well as other attributes.

If the price field is left blank (at zero) then the option will take the price of the main product it has been assigned to, this also applies to the product weight.