Products and product options can be excluded from any type of discount: 
  • special offer - e.g. 20% off this brand
  • customer / group - e.g. this group receives 20% off all products
  • voucher discount - e.g. use this voucher to get 20% off your first order

Within the back office find and edit your product, you will see a radio button to 'Exclude Products From Discounts'. The product is now exempt from all discounts.

If your product has option then you will need to exclude at item level (option-by-option basis), by clicking on the option icon or the 'view option' icon within the edit product screen.

  Once within your option screen click on the edit pencil to edit the

individual item and then select 'Y' to exclude from discount, click on the save icon to save your change, you can now navigate away.

The product browser will display under the column 'EFD':

N = no exclusion

Y = product excluded

N/A = set at option item level (you will need to view within the item options)

Please note; some sites don't have this feature enabled by default, please contact the support department to get this enabled for you.